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New Hires

New Hires

You will be invited to attend an HR Orientation during your first 2 months of employment.

During your New Enrollee Meeting you will receive information about:

  • Overview of Manatee YourChoice Website including how to search for Providers
  • Summary of benefit plans and eligibility
  • Enrollment materials and step by step process of how to get enrolled

New enrollees on the YourChoice Health Plan are automatically placed in either the BEST or ULTIMATE plan level based on their nicotine status (Ultimate is non-nicotine-exposed; BEST if nicotine-exposed). In January following their benefits effective date, new enrollees will receive a Qualifying Event packet with instructions for completing QEs, which will determine their plan level the following year.

Benefits Enrollment

After attending your orientation meeting, you will have two weeks to complete your online enrollment.

Required Documentation

  • If you are enrolling a spouse in medical, dental, vision, or life insurance coverage, you are required to upload a copy of your marriage certificate to verify eligibility.
  • If you are enrolling a dependent child in medical, dental, vision, or life insurance coverage, you will need to upload a copy of the child's birth certificate to verify eligibility.

Benefits Effective Date

Your benefits effective date will be the first day of the month, following 60 days of full- time employment.